Reversed charge for VAT

As of September 2016 Teracom AB is classified as a construction company. This implies that our suppliers are required to invoice Teracom construction services with reversed charge.

Reversed charge for VAT means that it´s the buyer, not the seller who must report and pay VAT to the Swedish Skatteverket.

Two criteria must be met for reversed VAT to apply

  1. The buyer is a construction company. (A company that provides construction services more than temporarily).
  2. The service provided is a construction service.

Reversed VAT only applies to the sale/purchase of construction services performed in Sweden. For these construction services Teracom requires invoices without VAT.

On an invoice with reversed VAT there must be stated

  • “Reversed charge for construction services is applied”
  • And the Teracom VAT number 556441-5098.

If an invoice is sent with reversed VAT, the entire Invoice must relate to reversed VAT. We cannot process invoices where one part relates to reversed VAT, and the other part is liable to VAT.

Please find more information on the Skatteverket web page