New access procedure - Information for customers and contractors.

Due to sabotage conducted against one of Teracoms masts we now make an adjustment to and tightens security in our access routine. This applies to all customers and entrepreneurs with immediate effect.

In this case access includes both entering the station house and climbing in our masts.
The same rules are valid as before regarding entering the site building, you have to acquire an access card and/or keys for the Teracom locks and security systems. To work or climbing in our masts you must have gone through and passed an adequate mast climbing and mast lift education/training.    

To maintain a high quality and security level at our sites Teracom must have knowledge and control about all the visitors at our premises. Visitors must contact our Network Operation Centre (NOC) both when they are about to enter and when they leave.

Those access rules applies to all visitors, both Teracom personnel and as by Teracom contracted companies, our customers and by them engaged entrepreneurs.

Conditions for entrepreneurs, customer and the customers entrepreneurs.

1.    Notice must be sent to Teracom at least three working days ahead of the planned visit. *)
2.    Visitors must call the Teracom NOC before entering mast or technical building.
3.    When leaving the site, visitors must contact the NOC and announce their departure.  

*) Every single person in the team planning to work on a Teracom location must be notified to Teracom in advance. 

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Remedy faults:

When there is a fault and the customer needs to execute some troubleshooting at a Teracom station the customer NOC (or other known contact) calls the Teracom NOC and requests access.

When the technician reaches the site is he obliged to call the Teracom NOC.
Teracom NOC will check alarm status and that the station enters state “unmanned” when technician is calling and reports he is finished and is leaving the site.


Teracom sites are equipped with intruder alarms. If somebody enters without permission our NOC will receive an alarm resulting in sending out a security guard or the police.

Teracom reserves the right to charge the contractor all extra costs when security personnel has been sent to the station.

Teracom personnel has the right to refuse a person without permission from Teracom NOC, or if other reasons makes an entry inappropriate, to enter the Teracom premises.
It is forbidden to let anybody in who has not been granted access from Teracom according to the process stated above.

Kaknästornet in Stockholm and Teracom head office at Lindhagensgatan 122 have special access restrictions.