Installation and Commissioning

We assist our customers with the installation and commissioning of customer-owned equipment

New installations, replacements and additions of transmission and broadcasting equipment are occurring at an ever-faster pace to satisfy the market’s constantly growing demands on quality and capacity. Ensuring the optimal performance of your facilities and services requires a range of activities to be conducted on-site-activities that Teracom can assist you with, to quality assure the services you provide to your customers.

We currently undertake a range of assignments in the field of Installation and Commissioning on behalf of network and equipment owners. We have longstanding experience garnered through our work on both proprietary and third-party systems and facilities.

How it works

Today’s communications networks must be efficient and function as expected to cater to market demands for ever-greater capacity and operational stability. Teracom has extensive experience working with the installation and commissioning of equipment aimed at quality assurance. Together, we review the prerequisites and features that are to be remedied in accordance with customer requirements. We implement, analyze and report the results to customers who decide on measures to be taken, if any. We can also coordinate and ensure the implementation of such measures. All of our work is compliant with the laws and regulations that apply when working with electrical equipment and at high altitude in masts and towers, as well as other occupational health and safety legislation.

Our longstanding experience guarantees that you, as a customer, can feel fully confident when engaging us as your service provider.

Customer benefits

  • A large workforce with a local presence. Teracom’s service staff are based in more than 50 locations, from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north.
  • A local presence that entails fewer long-distance trips and shorter downtime.
  • Service staff experienced in handling telecom, broadcasting and mobile-telephony technologies, who stay continuously updated on new equipment and technologies from the world’s leading system providers.
  • Our extensive transportation and equipment fleet – from cars and quads, to snowmobiles and snow weasels – allows us to navigate in various terrains.
  • Multiskilled staff, i.e. staff with the capacity to undertake a variety of assignments. 
  • Superior quality and reliability, in terms of both services and products.

What our undertaking includes

  • A review of the current situation at the facility concerned, in consultation with the customer.
  • A detailed implementation plan, in consultation with the customer.
  • The implementation of measures together with in-house staff or subcontractors.
  • System tests/verification following the implementation of measures.
  • Documentation of results and proposals for any additional measures, if required.
  • Contact with landlords, facility owners and other stakeholders pertaining to access, for example.