Preventieve and remedial maintenance

A service for smoother, more reliable operation and maintenance

So that our customers’ equipment and facilities work as well as possible, we offer a preventive and remedial maintenance service. We offer a service that can comprise everything from checks to correcting faults and deficiencies.

It is important for communications networks to work efficiently without faults. To guarantee this, it is necessary both to maintain facilities and equipment and to correct faults fast. We at Teracom can be your service partner and take care of all or part of your operating and maintenance activities.

We always begin our work by reviewing your activities with you to decide the type of service you need. We then specify the preconditions and establish the routines for how
the task is to be implemented. We also look at whether there is a need for training, special instruments, etc.

The preventive and remedial maintenance service primarily comprises various operating and maintenance measures for our customers’ facilities. It can also concern equipment located in a facility owned by Teracom, the customer or a third party, and tasks that are not directly related to specific facilities.

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