Technical Measurements PIM, TEMS and RF

Quality assurance of equipment and broadcasts

Ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment and service broadcasting may require a survey of the broadcast quality with respect to a range of technical parameters.

In line with your requirements, Teracom can help you perform direct measurements, provide assistance for the analysis of measured data, propose measures and ensure their implementation. Our aim is to support the quality assurance of your customer services.


Measurements that we can currently assist you with.

  • Passive intermodulation, PIM – a growing problem in mobile-radio networks due
    to the use of several transmitters of varying frequencies/channels connected to the
    same filter and aerial system, thereby risking intermodulation generation, as well as material changes over time, in the form of corrosion in contacts and adjacent mechanical components.
  • Test Mobile System, TEMS – measurements aimed at optimizing coverage for the
    mobile-radio network in conjunction with trouble-shooting and corrective measures
    performed on the network.
  • Radio-frequency radiation – the identification and measurement of undesirable
    radio-frequency radiation from cable and aerial systems, aimed at identifying risks
    of personal harm, system tests of aerial components or to serve as an indicator of
    power leakages that affect broadcasting quality.

How it works

Present-day communication networks must be efficient and function as expected. Teracom has extensive experience in measurements and implementing corrective measures on networks for the quality assurance of broadcasting and transmission equipment.

We jointly review the basic prerequisites and aspects that are to be measured pertaining to
various technical parameters, in order to provide services in line with customer requirements.

We analyze and report the results to the customer, who decides on any corrective measures,
which we can also coordinate and ensure the implementation of.

We use modern metering equipment for measurement and presentation.

Our longstanding experience guarantees that you, as a customer, can feel fully confident in
engaging Teracom as your service provider.

Customer benefits

  • Service engineers experienced in managing telecom, broadcasting and mobiletelephony technologies, who stay continuously updated on new equipment and technologies.
  • Teracom’s service staff, based in more than 50 locations, from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north.
  • Multiskilled staff, i.e. staff with the capacity to undertake a variety of assignments.
  • Backup support by specialists in the event of advanced error analysis.
  • Measurements conducted with modern measuring instruments.
  • Superior quality and reliability in terms of both services and products.

What our undertaking includes

  • A review of the current situation at the relevant facility, in consultation with the customer.
  • A detailed implementation plan, in consultation with the customer.
  • Analysis of measurement results.
  • Presentation of results and proposal for appropriate measures.
  • Scheduling and implementation of any measures with in-house staff or subcontractors.
  • Contact with landlords, facility owners and other stakeholders on issues such as access.

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