Facilities management

Operation and maintenance for security and reassurance

Teracom acts as your service partner, assisting you with the development of your operation and maintenance activities. You can safely entrust us with the responsibility for both complete and complex service undertakings, whatever the type of facility, communication network or network element.

How it works

We jointly review your operations to determine the type of service required. We specify the preconditions, such as the types of facilities and/or objects pertaining to the assignment, their quantity, location, etc.

The next step is to clarify the procedures for implementing the assignment. For example, we examine whether there are any special needs for training, special instruments, safety regulations, access, etc.

We use tried-and-trusted processes and procedures to manage both large and small undertakings in a cost-efficient manner. Our customers include mobile and landline operators, government agencies, city and municipality networks and other network and infrastructure players. Our longstanding experience in service assignments means that, as our customer, you can feel completely safe about entrusting us at Teracom with full responsibility.


Customer benefits

  • A large workforce with a local presence. Our service staff are based in more than
  • 50 locations, from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north.
  • Fast turnout, thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment that comprises
    everything from cars to quads, snowmobiles and snow weasels.
  • Highly skilled service staff who are continuously updated with new equipment and
    technologies from the world’s leading system providers.
  • Teracom Network Operation Center, which is staffed 24 hours a day meets stringent
    protection and reliability requirements.
  • Multiskilled staff, i.e. staff with the capacity to undertake a variety of assignments.
  • Superior quality and security in terms of both services and products.

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