Network operations center

Cost-efficient monitoring without own investments

We supply monitoring of everything from single items of equipment to entire communications networks. By buying the operation of equipment and facilities as a service, you can avoid expensive investments in staff, premises, systems and processes.

It is self-evident that communications networks must be efficient and work properly. We have long experience of maintenance and management both in our own facilities and those of others and can tailor a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.

The work begins with us together reviewing your activities and deciding the parts Teracom is to monitor and take responsibility for. Monitoring can take place on everything from equipment level to facility level. For each part to be monitored we prepare, in consultation with you, an activity plan and rules with fixed routines for what is to be done, depending on the type of alarm. This also includes routines for calling out service staff (either Teracom’s own or external staff).

We decide the types of system to be used for the monitoring.We also look at integration between you, our customer, and Teracom. To ensure that everything is working prior to
commissioning, joint tests and training will be held.

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