A link to the largest Mediahub in the Nordic region

Media Gateway enables easy TV and radio channel aquisition and distribution at the Teracom Mediahub – the largest hub in the Nordic region. The product is designed for customers who require physical access to a broad range of programme channels for re-distribution through their broadcasting platforms, as well as customers who wish to distribute programme channels in order to deploy them to other platforms. Media Gateway allows you to secure the quality between distribution and contribution. Connections are made in a secure location, with high quality and in the required format.

How it works

Programme channels can be retrieved from one of our access points in central Stockholm, at Kaknäs Tower or from Artillerigatan or Tegeluddsvägen. Redundancy and security can be customised to deliver a suitable level of availability for each programme channel. Depending on the channel in question, it may be possible to deliver the channel to or from the access  point via satellite or fibre transmission. Programme channels can be handed over at one of our access points. We would be happy to help you transport the signal to the Mediahub, and we also offer channel coding and transcoding. In addition, we can also deliver the channels multiplexed into one transport stream (MPTS).

Customer benefits

  • Easy and secure access to the program channels for which you hold the rights.
  • One of the market’s largest ranges of programme channels, some of which are offered exclusively by Teracom.
  • Programme channels that can be accessed easily from our access points.
  • Customisation of programme channels according to your requirements, including transcoding between formats, IP remapping, IP mezzanine format and coding in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC or HEVC/H.265.
  • Safe and secure programme channel acquisition for efficient distribution to other platforms in the quality you require.
  • Access to a large number of domestic and international broadcasters, production companies and pay-TV operators that are connected via the Kaknäs Tower, the largest media hub in the Nordic region.
  • A secure supplier with extensive experience of handling video and audio with a focus on quality and robustness.

Download product sheet about Media Gateway