About Teracom IRD Testing

Conformance testing – ensuring high-quality TV experience

Teracom IRD testing is a service for operators and manufacturers that aims to guarantee a highquality TV experience for the end user by ensuring that transmission and reception are well matched. Our experienced test centre provides independent conformance testing of Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRD). We evaluate and test both the functionality and performance of a wide variety of platforms, such as chip sets, set-top boxes (STB) and integrated digital TVs (iDTV).

Certification programs for operators

We help operators set up and run their own receiver certification programmes and we work closely with our clients to customise the tests required. Teracom is the appointed test centre for the pay-TV operators Boxer (Sweden and Denmark), RiksTV AS (Norway) and RTÉ Saorview (Ireland).

Full IRD conformance test

We offer full conformance testing with a certain DVB specification. Currently we run conformance testing with the NorDig Unified Specification.

RF conformance test

Our lab is equipped with fully automated RF test facilities, developed by Teracom, and measurement facilities. We evaluate both RF chip sets and complete products.

DVB SSU test

OVB SSU testing is included in the Full IRD conformance testing. In addition to this manufacturers may order an additional DVB SSU test, whereby Teracom tests downloading new software to an IRD that has already been tested. Teracom has suitable equipment for full DVB SSU testing for both Simple profile and Enhanced profile.

Receiver farm test

When significant changes are to be made to a DTT network, such as new advanced services or major changes in the signalling, Teracom can perform a receiver farm test to ensure that any issues can be identified and addressed in advance.

Consultancy Services

Teracom has long experience of DVB specification, network operation and IRD testing. With our expertise we are able to offer operators and receiver and chip manufacturers consultancy in order to maximise the performance of their products.