Kaknäs – The one stop shop

The Kaknäs Tower is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to transmit TV and offer their programmes in Sweden or the Nordic region

IRD Testing

Teracom IRD testing is a service for operators and manufacturers that aims to guarantee a highquality TV experience for the end user by ensuring that transmission and reception are well matched.

Contractor Center

Information for customers with contractors as well as Teracoms contractors

Media Gateway

Media Gateway enables easy TV and radio channel aquisition and distribution at the Teracom Mediahub – the largest hub in the Nordic region.

Media Transport

Media Transport enables the high-quality transport of digital media between, for example, production companies or broadcasters and various national and international broadcast networks.

Ethernet Connect

Ethernet Connect allows you to connect all of your business locations securely and efficiently.


Cost-efficient transfer with high capacity over long distances


Transfers of superior quality and performance


Teracom has a nationwide network of strategically located masts and facilities that are characterised by very high quality and security.


Our service products are designed for customers with communication networks or equipment located on their own or third-party premises

Facilities management

Teracom functions as a service partner, helping you develop your operation and maintenance activities.

Network operations center

We supply monitoring of everything from single items of equipment to entire communications networks.

Preventieve and remedial maintenance

A service for smoother, more reliable operation and maintenance

Technical Measurements PIM, TEMS and RF

In line with your requirements, Teracom can help you perform direct measurements, provide assistance for the analysis of measured data, propose measures and ensure their implementation.

Installation and Commissioning

We assist our customers with the installation and commissioning of customer-owned equipment.

About us

Teracom offers various technical infrastructures and network solutions for the distribution of media and communication between people and companies – anywhere, anytime.